Quasar fire-class bulk cruiser

quasar fire-class bulk cruiser

The Quasar Fire - class bulk cruiser, also referred to as the Alliance escort carrier or the. History. Originally built as cargo vessels by the SoroSuub Corporation, the Quasar's cargo bay could be modified by the owner to accommodate. Quasar Fire - class Bulk Cruiser (Frigate). Table of Contents [hide]. 1/ Details. 2/ Images. / Public Custom Images. 3/ Room Map. It has been widely determined. quasar fire-class bulk cruiser Quasar Fire Class bulk cruiser Flurry Submitted Expired. In place of the cargo compartments, a single starfighter hanger bay was created. A typical crew for this ship ran around personnel. SWCombine requires Javascript to run properly. Privacy policy About Ascendancy Disclaimers. In turn, the Virgillians converted the cargo hold into a hangar, as well as installing stolen Imperial-grade shields and weapons.


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