Phantasie 2

phantasie 2

In , SSI published the next part of the series, Phantasie II. the same graphics and fighting as the original Phantasie game,  Release ‎: ‎. Es kam damals mal ein Fantasy-Paket (Bonus Edition) für den Amiga & PC heraus, wo Phantasie I + III enthalten war und das fehlende Phantasie II mit Questron. Because I was following a DOS-only rule back then and Phantasie II didn't have a DOS release, I skipped it--a stupid decision, but one that now. phantasie 2

Phantasie 2 - 2015

Ratcliff Joined Up Writing Software Jon Ritman Jonathan Harris Jordan Mechner Jorudan JoWooD Productions Software GmbH Joyce Hakansson Associates Joymania Entertainment Julian Eggebrecht JVC Jürgen Egeling k. At the rate they are going now, I might only get to play one or two more Elder Scrolls and Fallout games before I kick the bucket. The best looking versions are, of course, the Amiga versions. An excellent RPG with tons of replay value, choices and consequences. I generally accepted the first random roll for statistics, although I allowed myself the freedom to disca rd a character if his at tributes were really bad. But in the later game stages money would be less of an issue.


Phantasie 2 Ending (Commodore 64)

Phantasie 2 - Freecell Duplex

I cannot use cheats. As far as I can tell it was a reasonably good commercial success, so why was it a once off? Canageek January 29, at 3: To me, reading arguments like yours is like listening to someone say, "FO4? I started a brand new party, even, and tried his various hints for starting the charac t ers at 1 stren gth an d resting them up to If there was an editor with which you could produce Xeen clones, I bet there'd be a gazillion maps out there, and I'd probably play them all. In short, if I really enjoy the interface and mechanics of a game, I have no problem with the developer re-using it for some new content -- as long as the content is g ood.

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